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About me

Pablo Castilla from Sevilla

I am a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Painting 1992-1997) from the University of Seville, Spain. Now I work as a web developer in a Communication Agency (Formsmedjan Kommunikation) in the northern Sweden (Boden).

I am a dad, an artist, a mobile games creator, Gamemaster and amateur writer who likes to play role-playing games, write, read fantasy, set designer, creative illustrator, in my spare time I usually train before the year’s most important (and only) running competition in the zone: the famous Skatamarksjoggen!

Education: Bachelor in Fine Arts (Painting 1992 - 1997)
Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Seville, Spain.
What do I do in art: I draw by pencil, ink, make digital
illustrations, and paint, mostly oil paintings, but also
watercolors or acrylic.

Escuela Artesanos Gelves. Collective. 2000
Focus Abengoa (Ayuntamiento Sevilla). Collective. 2000
Clic Centro Lenguas. Solo. 2001
Taberna Arte Anima. Solo. 1999 - 2001- 2002
Lozano Painting Awards. Collective. 2001 & 2003
Boden Business Park Restaurant. Solo. 2020
Galleri 14. Collective. 2020
Torget Restaurant. Solo. 2020

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Skype: pabscastilla
mobil: (+46) 72 549 66 39

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2003 to 2019

I did stop painting back in 2003 due to personal reasons. At the time I thought it was going to be a short period of
time, I had painted without stop from 1997 and it was a big part of my life then. When I moved from the sunny Seville to Norrbottens Boden I had already hadnt painted for nine years, but I had married and had three children. Art had taken a back seat in my life, so to speak. I decided that I would paint again in Boden.

Coming to a small town in Norrbotten did not work so well for painting actually. I could not find the inspiration even though I tried to start again several times. I tried lots of sketching, following the same process that used to work for me back in Spain but nothing clicked.
Was it the motifs I used to paint? Was it the place? My art was always very related to cities, urban landscapes, city moods. In Boden all of that didnt exist. I couldnt just stand it longer, not being able to paint. I had to do something, so I changed completely the style and just thought, whatever it comes, let it go. just keep on painting.

Landscape painting wasnt something I liked before. I had tried it of course, but I never was able to extract the same kind of emotion I need in order to paint. My paintings were often strong colors images but with urban motifs from my city, Seville or from the time I lived in London. That mood was the mood I had then. Perhaps that was what was wrong. I wasnt that person anymore.

So I started painting again.

All paintings in this portfolio are oil on canvas, or stated otherwise.

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